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This is a list of everything we need to do before the wiki can be opened formally


Create stubs for ongoing projects

We should at least have stub articles on these

Figure out awards for good edits and such?

We should have things like a FAQ section, or a Misc top level category for various topics

Possible things:

* Quotes page + context
* Various setup emulation guides, etc.
* Get full history of things like Banyan down

Clarify project copyright stuff

Probably should do a copyright assignment to make things easier, but TBD

Create documentation for doing wiki admin stuff

Things like upload rights, such



I uploaded the @ logo as per Wikimedia's recommendations but it looks weird ...


WebHook for Discord

This is connected to #wiki-changes on the wiki

Get MediaWiki docker/compose filer file on GitHub

MediaWiki Docker files + LocalSettings is in:

Configure Image Uploads


Confirm email setup works from

Email is working now

Fix Editor Plugins

Enabled, but seems not to show up on namespaces? Weird ...

Create Project:Permissions or similar to describe how user accounts work

Created. Still a WIP