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Welcome to the DisNCord Community Wiki

This is a wiki used by all members of the DisNCord community, to document preservation projects, and other things relevant to our interests

Currently, we've got 28 articles!

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The DisNCord Wiki exists to document projects undertaken by community members, and avoid the usual problem of such discussions being lost on Discord and un-indexable. It's hope for this to be a central record for everything we've done together as a group, as well as a lotus for various interests and more. Editing is open to all, although you need an account, and be verified by an admin to upload images. See How Do I Get Involved for more information.

If you want to help but don't know where to start, please consult the Help Wanted page for more information.

Current Projects

These are some of the many projects being undertaken at the moment:

If you're interested in some light socializing, come check us out on Discord, or check out these pages about the community:


Checklist to Launch

Current Progress Towards Launch is here: Project:LaunchChecklist

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Help with MediaWiki


  • OS/2 Project: An ongoing project to document aspects of OS/2 full history has been started
  • UploadWizard Added: File uploads to the wiki were revamped, you can upload batches of files much easier with an increased file limit
  • Mastodon Instances Is Available: If you're interested in joined Fedi, we're now hosting our own instance, Restless Social Systems. Feel free to come on by today
  • File Uploads Are Enabled: You must have the uploadallowed permission to use Special:Upload. You can get this by requests it from a wiki admin on Discord.