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Add new quotes at the bottom (at least for now, can discuss what's better).

The most normal sentence said in DisNCord

the SUN rises
nicco1690: Sunrise
Restless Yankee: I also want to post that to /r/minecraft
nicco1690: wait, lemme flip the sun back around

The gift that keeps giving

NCommander: I really keep @YAGPDB.xyz because the thank you counter is always hilarious when it goes off
YAGPDB.xyz: Gave +1 Rep to @YAGPDB.xyz
NCommander: ...
NCommander: you know, kinda like that

On N's Life

volatilefluid: We're all just files mounted into your namespace, presumably Plan 9-style.

On Bad Ideas

NCommander: ... why is that a normal sentence ...
pJowok: it's not a normal sentence, it's a coherent sentence that is grammatically valid

NCommander on Stream

NCommander: We're only using 32GB of ram! I can open 2 more chrome tabs!
''long pause and quieter''
I'm going to hell for that...

Really puts stuff in perspective

NCommander: you know, the Queen outlasted PAL broadcasting

Ah yes, IBM dynasty

vmlemon: OS/2 is kinda like a Ming vase, or something - fragile, opaque, and awkward to repair, when it breaks

Probably one of the less insane things ever said here

mineman: is it bad that "cross compiling bash for iOS" is a completely normal sentence here?

How Inoichi 2D was started

Luna the Foxgirl: But yeah, it started as a subsystem for my lesbian foxgirl mahjong game engine

NCommander being on fire

NCommander: Maybe if the fire asked me out to dinner first
Mineman and sadmac: *bursts out into laughter*

The Simple Truth

NCommander: The saying in rehab circles is "fake it til you make it"
NCommander: but by and large, the difference between online you and real life you is more confidence


Waterpear — Today at 12:46 AM
>open os/2 stream vod
>see comment talking about visual j++
>close os/2 stream vod

The Software Lifecycle

FreeFull: Oh boy, it's time to build perl
Lunathir: Ran into a bit of software gore

When The Void Stairs Back

On occasion, the eldritch lore makes itself known ...

Dr. Shuppet: As of the MDOS4 toolchain thing, I tried MASM 4.0, and it produced an object file that is accepted by LINK4
S: However, LINK4 wants an automatic data segment, and I'm not sure how to make one 
S: MASM certainly supports it, since it's needed for any NE binary, including Windows 1.0
Restless Yankee: You usually need a DEF file
RY: ... I suffered through this in Watcom/wasm/wlink, and I got a cold shiver trying to figure it out with what little survives of early Microsoft documentation
S: Ah, I didn't think of that, since I'm neither building a DLL nor I'm importing any symbols
RY: 16-bit EXEs have a DEF file
RY: There's a default, but I think I even had one for FLAGGEN
RY: https://github.com/NCommander/progress-pride-win16/blob/main/source/flaggen.def
RY: ... how is it I have the cold shiver, and then immediately produce a link written by my own hand that is the probable answer ...
RY: ... fuck it, that one is going on the quotes page ...

Paint Drying, Some Assembly Required

sadmac356: At this point my "paint drying" is more "if you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe"

Tickle Current

kraaabs: It’s charging in the way that condensation on a window is flooding your house

Additional Quotes

Unofficial NCommander quotes file